Why not start your own technical or commercial publications business?

Our Technical/Commercial Authorship Diploma Course (ESTON Ref: EDL2D) will teach you the skills required to become a successful technical and/or commercial author.  And, you can also use the skills you will learn to successfully run your own technical or commercial publications business.

The subjects covered on the EDL2D course include (but are not limited to): note taking and note making, writing reports, summarising, researching information, checking drafts and editing, correcting scripts, technical translations, writing descriptions and procedures, printing methods, multi-lingual documents, using engineering drawings, managing electronic data, preparing synopses, vetting and validating documents, types of paper, binding methods, maintenance and overhaul instructions, inspection and quality assurance instructions, technical illustrations, manual structure and preliminary pages, a typical project brief, and many more.

Properly controlling and monitoring the production of technical and/or commercial publications is essential for running an efficient and successful Technical and/or Commercial Publications Business.  And, using the right type and mix of forms makes the task of running a well-ordered publications business much easier.  Although there are innumerable types and styles of forms that can be used, some good and some bad, there are a few tried-and-tested forms that have more than proved their worth over the years.  The EDL2D course refers to and describes various forms that can be used “as-is”, or adapted for use in most situations.  The forms discussed during the course, examples of which can be found in the Training Pack 14, C10 Study Note “Appendix” folder, are as follows: Projects Schedule, Master Progress Chart (MPC), Information Retrieval Form (IRF), Editing Checklist, Quality Assurance Certificate (Manuals), Quality Assurance Certificate (Catalogues), Technical Approval Cover Note, Document Transmission Note, Action Request Form (ARF) and File Card.

For more information, send an e-mail to: sales@estontrg.com and we will send you an EDL2D course brochure.