ESTON Training introduces a new course, Editing and Publishing Magazines!

ESTON Training has developed a new course, titled: Editing and Publishing Trade Association-type Magazines. This brand new and unique course, ESTON Ref: EDL4, teaches students how to edit and publish full colour, glossy magazines.

An example “trade association” magazine named, The Storage Trumpet, has been created especially for the EDL4 training course. However, any similarities between The Storage Trumpet magazine and any other trade association magazine is purely co-incidental.

The Storage Trumpet is two magazines in one; when you pick up the magazine one way the front cover states that it is the 40th edition of the UK Storage Companies Association (UKSCA) magazine. However, when you turn the magazine over, the front cover states that it is the 5th edition of the Federation of European Storage Company Associations (FESCA) magazine.

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