Business English Course

“English at Work” Course

“English at Work” is a comprehensive business English course that has been specifically designed to provide students with practical English skills and communication levels, in order to flourish in an English-speaking business environment. We hope to improve the standard of written English within the workplace. The course, (Ref: EDL6), which uses appropriate examples from industry and commerce, covers parts of speech, sentence construction, grammar, spelling rules, styles of writing (including: step-by-step procedural writing), etc. Because the English course has business at the core of the learning, it will help in areas such as report writing, negotiation and presenting skills. This business English course is also recommended for those for whom English is a second language and it includes full tutorial support for a period of one year.

“Fast-track English at Work” is a competitively priced, yet comprehensive English language distance learning training course, that has been specifically created to improve the standard of written English used in the home and workplace. The course, which uses examples from real life, covers parts of speech, phrases and sentences, grammar, spelling rules, common writing mistakes, etc. This proven course is recommended for those for whom English is a second language, and it includes both self-assessed English language Exercises and Writing Assignments that are graded by an ESTON Training Tutor.

  • Standard
  • Full Tutorial Support (for one year)
  • Ref: EDL6
  • £600
  • Fast Track
  • Self Assessed
  • Ref: ESC1T
  • £400

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The tutorial support was excellent! Both Wilma Cowie and Stan McKerron were always friendly and helpful. I received a lot of constructive guidance and tips. The tutorial responses were returned promptly.

M. S – Qualified, with Distinction

This is first-class training from a knowledgeable and well-organised provider. I would not hesitate to recommend ESTON Training to friends, family or work colleagues – in fact, I already have done!

M. W – Qualified, with Distinction

Great news (for me)! I landed a job. I saw a job posting and sent in my CV. I went for the interview last Monday and they offered me the job on Tuesday. I will be working 20 hours a week, predominantly from home.

C. V – Qualified, with Distinction