Technical & Commercial Authorship Training Courses

Technical/Commercial Authorship courses provided by ESTON Training

ESTON Training provides proven, technical and commercial, distance learning training courses that teach you the skills necessary for a new career as a technical or commercial author.

Our writing courses offer first-class training for a second career, with a two-part training programme.

Technical/Commercial Authorship
(Former ISTC Syllabus Parts 1 & 2)

Our unique EDL2D training course covers more than a hundred different subjects related to technical and commercial authorship, including:

  • information gathering and reviewing
  • making and taking notes
  • writing technical and commercial descriptions
  • step-by-step procedural writing
  • verifying and validating information
  • summarising texts
  • checking and editing
  • proof-reading and correcting
  • preparing synopses and plans
  • project management
  • costing and budgeting
  • programme planning
  • quality assurance
  • standards and specifications.

The Part 1 and 2 syllabuses are both fully covered and comprehensive tutorial support is provided throughout by experienced and professional, time-served tutors.

What Qualification will I Receive?

If you successfully complete your course, you will receive an ESTON Training Diploma, which is recognised as a benchmark qualification within the technical/commercial publications industry in the United Kingdom and throughout the English-speaking world.

How much does it Cost?

COURSE (EDL2D): Technical/Commercial Authorship, Former ISTC Syllabus, Parts 1 & 2

SUPPORT: Full Tutorial Support (for 12 months)

 COST: £1,600

COURSE (EDL1T): Technical/Commercial Writing & Communicating, Former ISTC Syllabus, Part 1 Only

SUPPORT: Full Tutorial Support (for 6 months)

COST: £800

Training today for success tomorrow!

Thank you for visiting ESTON Training’s website to find out more about our Technical/Commercial Authorship Diploma distance learning training course (ESTON Ref: EDL2D). Note that the EDL2D training material is accredited by the Institute of Scientific and Technical Communicators (ISTC).

For details about what ISTC Accreditation means, please refer to “Information for Students” on the following ISTC website:

We recommend our EDL2D Technical/Commercial Authorship Diploma course. Each EDL2D student is allocated a personal tutor and all coursework submitted by the student is graded and returned with Tutorial Comments by the tutor, via e-mail.

Free Advice Service

All of ESTON Training’s EDL2D students are provided with a Free Advice Service for a period of two years. Students who need any advice about the preparation of technical or commercial documentation only need to send their question in an e-mail and one of ESTON Training’s experienced tutors will answer any queries free of charge.

50% of EDL2D students complete the course in six months or less. 40% complete the course in about nine months and the rest take longer. The course takes approximately 260 hours of study to complete, depending upon the individual and the amount of effort put in when responding to the course exercises.

As a technical/commercial author you can expect to earn about the same as an IT professional. However, our EDL2D course costs only £1,600 (which is between half and a third of equivalent IT courses).

ESTON Training has been using proven and tested training techniques to successfully train technical and commercial authors since 1982, and as a result, many of our former students are now senior writers or authors and publications managers, or directors.

Thoroughness of the personal tutorial is recognised by individuals and companies alike as a unique feature of ESTON Training courses. Note also that our course material, which is e-mailed via MailBigFile (which is a free service) or may be provided on a bespoke USB flash drive, is regularly updated to reflect advances in technology and new methodologies.

We are probably the best-known technical/commercial authorship training provider in the English-speaking world. Our diplomas are recognised as a benchmark qualification by publications and human resources managers and directors in the United Kingdom, mainland Europe, India, China, Australia, Japan, South Africa, and many other English-speaking countries, where professional technical and commercial authors are employed.

Payment of Course Fees

Payment can be made by Bank Transfer (bank details will be provided upon request) or by UK Bank Cheque (made out to: ESTON Training).

Please note that ESTON always responds to e-mails; therefore, if you do not get a response to a particular e-mail, please contact us again the following day, as there may have been a technical glitch.

Find out more Information & Contact Us

You can find out more information about our courses by downloading our course brochure:

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This is first-class training from a knowledgeable and well-organised provider. I would not hesitate to recommend ESTON Training to friends, family or work colleagues – in fact, I already have done!

M. W – Qualified, with Distinction

When I was researching technical authorship courses, I looked at other training providers, some of whom conducted one-week, classroom-based courses.
These courses promised the same level of teaching as ESTON’s EDL2D course; they charged about the same amount! I couldn’t imagine then, and I certainly don’t know now, how on earth the other courses could possibly cover the same amount of training material as EDL2D.

M. S – Qualified, with Distinction

Great news (for me)! I landed a job. I saw a job posting and sent in my CV. I went for the interview last Monday and they offered me the job on Tuesday. I will be working 20 hours a week, predominantly from home.

C. V – Qualified, with Distinction

Enrolment Options

Technical/Commercial Authorship
Former ISTC Syllabus Parts 1 & 2
  • Premier
  • Full Tutorial Support (for 12 months)
  • Ref: EDL2D
  • £1,600

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  • Standard
  • Self Assessed
  • Ref: EDL2P
  • £800

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Technical/Commercial Writing & Communicating
Former ISTC Syllabus Part 1 Only
  • Premier
  • Full Tutorial Support (for six months)
  • Ref: EDL1T
  • £800

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  • Standard
  • Self Assessed
  • Ref: EDL1S
  • £400

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Software Authorship Foundation Course
(Additional module to EDL2D)

This self-assessed, award-winning and career-enhancing training module was originally developed for those authors who particularly wanted to specialise in documenting computer software applications. It is strongly recommended that this course is not attempted until students have completed the EDL2D Technical/Commercial Authorship training course, as there are skills learned on the EDL2D course that are essential before studying the Software Authorship Foundation Course.

  • Advanced
  • Self Assessed
  • Ref: EDL3/2
  • £800

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