We can send the Technical Writing Training, or any other course of your choice, to your PC (or other device) wherever you are in the world. Kick start your second career today through distance learning!

Qualified Technical, Commercial or Software Authors can easily earn £25.00 to £40.00 per hour. Now you can learn the many skills required to become a trained Technical, Commercial or Software Author in the comfort of your own home, with one of our ISTC accredited distance learning, Technical, Commercial or Software Author training courses.

ISTC Accreditation

Why enrol on ESTON’s distance learning, Technical Authorship training course?

ESTON Training provides career-enhancing, communication courses as well as first-class training for a second career. Our award-winning courses, which hone your communication skills and provide other essential knowledge, offer a unique learning experience. Enrol on an ESTON Training career-enhancing course today to ensure a successful tomorrow!

Learn in your own time

Learn in your own time

Our courses include tutorial support for up to one year, so that you can learn at your own pace. Training today for success tomorrow!


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We have been training technical writers and authors successfully since 1982. Our experience is widely recognised within the profession.

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Over 4,000 students have benefited from our training courses; many are now in senior positions within the profession.

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Our Technical Authorship training courses

We offer technical and commercial authorship training courses to suit every pocket – enrol on one of our proven courses today and train for a new and rewarding second career!

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Technical/Commercial Authorship
(former ISTC Syllabus, Parts 1 & 2)

This highly-recommended, distance learning training course fully prepares you for a successful career as a Technical or Commercial Author. The course covers more than a hundred different subjects related to technical and commercial authorship, including:

  • Information gathering and evaluating
  • Writing descriptions and instructions
  • Making and taking notes
  • Vetting and validating
  • Step-by-step procedural writing
  • Summarising
  • Editing and correcting text
  • Proof-reading
  • Preparing synopses
  • Project management
  • Costing and time management
  • Project planning
  • Technical writing
  • Quality assurance
  • Standards and specifications
  • And a whole lot more…

The Part 1 – Technical/Commercial Writing & Communicating and Part 2 – Technical/Commercial Authorship syllabuses are both fully covered and comprehensive tutorial support is provided throughout by experienced and professional tutors.

Premier and Standard courses are available.

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Simplified English

Simplified English

ESTON’s Simplified English (SE) training course comprises 13 Training Packs that together form the most comprehensive and easy-to-follow study programme of its type available.

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Standard Generalised Mark-up Language

This course makes ISO 8879 easy to understand and apply. Get to grips with and understand the SGML Parser and Text Formatter.

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English at Work

This course is a comprehensive business English training course that has been specifically designed to improve the standard of written English used in the workplace.

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Training today for success tomorrow

Much of ESTON Training’s success in training professional technical, commercial and software authors can be attributed to the methods it adopts in packaging and marketing its distance learning authorship training courses. ESTON’s bespoke Technical/Commercial Authorship courses offer first-class training for a second career, with several distinctly different training programmes to suit every pocket.

The tutorial support was excellent! Both Wilma Cowie and Jason Lammsky were always friendly and helpful. I received a lot of constructive guidance and tips. The tutorial responses were always returned promptly.

M.S – Qualified, with Distinction

This is first-class training from a knowledgeable and well-organised provider. I would not hesitate to recommend ESTON Training to friends, family or work colleagues – in fact, I already have done!

M.W – Qualified, with Distinction

Great news (for me)! I landed a job. I saw a job posting and sent in my CV. I went for the interview last Monday and they offered me the job on Tuesday. I will be working 20 hours a week, predominantly from home.

C.B – Qualified, with Distinction

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