A Great Time to Change Careers

“There has never been a better time for training to become a well-paid Technical, Commercial or Software Author”, said Stan McKerron, ESTON Training’s Head Tutor.  Since the training company started back in the early 1980s, there have been several recessions.  However, during these previous down-turns in the economy, there has always been a call for well-trained technical, commercial and software authors.

The larger technical documentation projects, both in the UK and in mainland Europe, are generally “recession-proof” because they tend to be long-term projects and the budgets are already in place before these type of projects start.  For example, once the UK Government has decided to build a new fleet of nuclear submarines, the technical documentation takes years to complete and the amendment of the manuals often goes on for thirty or more years.  In addition, during periods of recession, governments all over the world are on the lookout for large engineering and construction projects (all of which need documentation), to keep their unemployment figures as low as possible.

Technical, commercial and software authors are also in great demand during bad and good economical times, because many companies produce various types of documents, mainly to advertise their wares and to entice customers to buy.  For example, these days commercial authors are involved in the promotion of insurance and banking products.  It is they who prepare the offer letters that you get through the post, inviting you to buy various types of products from health cover to car and house insurance.

“As we are coming out of a recession, it is inevitable that many companies will be hiring new staff.  This, therefore, is a good time to prepare for a second, rewarding career as a technical, commercial or software author.  If you want to know what authoring jobs are available in the UK at present, type “author jobs” into your favourite search engine and you will see just how many companies are looking for authors”, said Stan, who has been with ESTON Training for over ten years.