Technical/Commercial Writing Courses

Much of ESTON Training’s success in training professional technical, commercial and software authors can be attributed to the methods it adopts in packaging and marketing its distance learning authorship training courses.

ESTON’s bespoke Technical/Commercial writing courses offer first-class training for a second career, with two distinctly different training programmes.

It has long been recognised by private individuals and companies alike that ESTON Training’s Technical, Commercial and Software Authorship vocational training courses are the best available.

What is not so well known is that although these days there are not as many industrial and engineering jobs available, due to a decline in manufacturing, there continues to be a great demand for well-trained technical, commercial and software authors in the United Kingdom, Europe and the rest of the English-speaking world. It goes without saying that good engineers and subject specialists provided with first-class training, produce the best and most successful technical, commercial and software authors.

If you have a technical, commercial or software background and you are looking for a rewarding second career, ESTON Training provides proven technical and commercial writing courses that teach you the skills necessary for a new career as a technical, commercial or software author.

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Technical/Commercial Authorship
ITSC Syllabus Parts 1 & 2

ISTC Accredited

EDL2D is ESTON’s premier course which, in addition to successfully guiding students through the authoritative ISTC syllabus, fully prepares them for working effectively as technical or commercial authors within the publications industry, as well as training successful candidates for a management role.

This highly-recommended, distance learning training course fully prepares you for a successful career as a Technical or Commercial Author. The course covers more than a hundred different subjects related to technical and commercial authorship, including: information gathering, making notes, writing descriptions, procedural writing, validating, summarising, editing, proof-reading, preparing synopses, project management, costing, planning, quality assurance, standards and specifications, etc.

The ISTC’s Part 1 – Technical/Commercial Writing & Communicating and Part 2 – Technical/Commercial Authorship syllabuses are both fully covered and comprehensive tutorial support is provided throughout by experienced and professional tutors.

Once you have successfully enrolled, you will be sent the appropriate training material on a bespoke USB flash drive, so that you can start training for a new career immediately. Each of the fourteen separate training packs on the flash drive contains Study Notes for you to read and Exercises for you to complete. You will receive over 1,000 pages of study notes on more than a hundred subjects, which together form a permanent and easy-to-store reference manual for you to use during the course and after you have qualified.

There are around 40 exercises for you to complete and you can choose between two options for many of the exercises, depending upon whether you wish to specialise in technical or commercial authorship. Your ESTON tutor reviews your submissions (completed exercises) and returns a Tutorial Response for each, with detailed advice or a Specimen Answer. You can take as much time as you need to complete the course; although, ESTON does apply a 24-month time limit on the tutorial support for contractual reasons. However, you can apply for an extension to this period, in exceptional circumstances.

Course Objectives

The EDL2D course trains you for a rewarding career in technical or commercial publications. It also prepares you to obtain an ESTON Training Diploma, which is recognised as a benchmark qualification within the technical/commercial publications industry in the United Kingdom and throughout the English-speaking world.

The EDL2D course is primarily designed as a conversion course for engineers and subject specialists, turning your skills and experience in industry or commerce to your advantage as a fully-trained technical or commercial author. You can also gain an internationally-recognised diploma, which will enable you to compete successfully on the job market.

It is also designed as a career-development course for trainee authors, ensuring that within a few months you obtain a better understanding of the skills associated with technical and commercial authorship within the publications industry, than many untrained authors achieve in years.

ISTC Syllabus

The ISTC syllabus is designed as a comprehensive vocational training programme, based on an author’s actual work. The relevant information is presented in a number of Study Notes and progress is assessed via stimulating and effective Exercises and Syllabus Tests. Relevant to industry standards and your background and experience, they provide training that is both practical and realistic.

The EDL2D course is updated regularly to reflect advances in technology and processes. It does not rely on out-of-date text books which describe outmoded working practices. As soon as we identify a new subject for inclusion, we update the appropriate training pack and issue the amended documents to our current students.


The ESTON Training Technical/Commercial Authorship distance learning training course leads to a Diploma in Technical/Commercial Authorship, which is a benchmark qualification within the technical publications industry throughout the world. The ESTON Training EDL2D course also ensures that you are well equipped to deal with the practical side of technical and commercial publications up to and including management level.

ESTON Training Diploma

If you complete one of our Technical/Commercial Authorship training courses you will receive an ESTON Training Diploma on request, provided that your course work merits it.


The tutorial support was excellent! Both Wilma Cowie and Stan McKerron were always friendly and helpful. I received a lot of constructive guidance and tips. The tutorial responses were returned promptly.

M. S – Qualified last year

This is first-class training from a knowledgeable and well-organised provider. I would not hesitate to recommend ESTON Training to friends, family or work colleagues – in fact, I already have done!

M. W – Qualified last year

Great news (for me)! I landed a job. I saw a job posting and sent in my CV. I went for the interview last Monday and they offered me the job on Tuesday. I will be working 20 hours a week, predominantly from home.

C. V – Qualified this year

Enrolment Options

Technical/Commercial Authorship
ISTC Syllabus Parts 1 & 2
  • Premier
  • Full Tutorial Support (2 years)
  • Ref:EDL2D
  • £1,250

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  • Standard
  • Self Assessed
  • Ref:EDL2P
  • £650

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Technical/Commercial Writing & Communicating
ISTC Syllabus Part 1 Only
  • Premier
  • Full Tutorial Support (1 years)
  • Ref:EDL1T
  • £650

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  • Standard
  • Self Assessed
  • Ref:EDL1S
  • £400

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Software Authorship
(Additional Module to EDL2D)

This self-assessed, award-winning and career-enhancing training module was originally developed for those authors who particularly wanted to specialise in documenting computer software applications. It is strongly recommended that this course is not attempted until students have completed the EDL2D Technical/Commercial Authorship training course, as there are skills learned on the EDL2D course that are essential before studying Software Authorship.

  • Advanced
  • Self assessed
  • Ref:EDL3/2
  • £750

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