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Corporate Training Courses

The following courses are available to our Corporate Clients. These courses are designed for traditional front-of-class delivery, either at a client’s premises or at another venue, to groups of people who wish to develop their communication skills.

Available Courses

Course Title Reference Code

Quality at Work   ECC10
Compiling Effective Parts Catalogues   ECC11
SGML - Basic Concepts   ECC5/2
Report Writing   ECC7
Plain and Simple English (PASE)   ECC8
English at Work   ECC9


More Information

ECC10 - Quality at Work

This course teaches participants the fundamentals of introducing an ISO9000 quality system into the workplace. The course also includes a complete overview of the types of quality documents and quality routines required to ensure quality compliance.

ECC11 - Compiling Effective Parts Catalogues

This course is recommended for manufacturing companies or agents who provide spare parts to their customers. The instruction provided by ESTON TRAINING ensures that industry standards are used properly in the compilation of professional and effective parts catalogues.

ECC5/2 - SGML - Basic Concepts

ESTON TRAINING provides a front-of-class course for those who require an introduction to Standard Generalised Mark-up Language (SGML). Alternatively, a distance learning version of the SGML course is also available. This course describes how SGML is used for marking up computer produced documents and makes the SGML specification ISO 8879 easy to understand and apply. The teaching package includes both reference material and “hands on” exercises, which are completed using an SGML parser and text formatter (provided on the CD-ROM), before comparison against tutor-prepared examples.

ECC7 - Report Writing

This report writing course teaches the skills required to write and present professional reports. The ESTON TRAINING tutor will either use an in-house report writing specification, if available, or will develop an appropriate technical report writing specification, together with the course participants.

ECC8 - Plain and Simple English (PASE)

Plain and Simple English, PASE for short, is a fairly recent addition to the ESTON TRAINING course portfolio. This course is designed for English speaking commercial or technical writers and authors who are preparing literature for foreign readers. If the literature is to be translated into another language, using PASE to prepare the English version reduces the translation costs considerably. And, if the literature is to be provided in English for a customer who speaks English as a second language, PASE uses a simplified vocabulary to increase both readability and understanding.

ECC9 - English at Work

English at Work is a comprehensive Business English training course that has been designed to improve the standard of written English used in the workplace. The course, which uses examples from industry and commerce, covers parts of speech, sentence construction, grammar, spelling rules, styles of writing (including procedure writing), etc. This Business English course is also recommended for those to whom English is a second language.


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